Hey there GERMAN Irrlicht user (since there is no translation into english yet). Long time ago there was that cool Wikibook called Irrlicht - From Noob to Pro written by OnkelTorty and Close1. After a bunch of good and informative articles, they had less time and the book was rather closed.

But since march 2011 two new authors were found. That means new cover, new structure and new content. The book will contain 3 main chapter. The first one (First steps using Irrlicht) will deal with the starting stuff, like setting up the IDE for Irrlicht, writing a Hello World Program and stuff like that.

The second chapter (Gameprogramming with Irrlicht) will give some more advanced topics like how you can improve your application by using a Texture Manager or how you can store and load Application Settings, which might be pretty usefull.

And the third chapter will be the eye catcher. It describes the whole way of writing a game in Irrlicht. The authors aren't sure by now which game it will be, so stay tuned for any new article of this Book: